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Week 12 – Everything is going as planned!!!


Everything is going as planned. This is one of those phrases from the movies we laugh a lot at. Remember how in the TV show 24, after a few episodes where they take down the bad guy, at the end there is a “badder” guy that comes and says “no worries, everything is going as planned”. That’s how i feel now. Despite all our setbacks our plan is still in place. (more…)

Week 12 – “Relax! You’re NOT loosing your shape!”


Hello all and welcome back!

It’s been now 2 weeks since Yasemin was bitten by the dog, and although the first week we were able to salvage something and do some of the workouts we had planned, I really knew that it would only be on the 2nd week when she would start getting back to normal. (more…)

“Return to the Depths” Video Series – Part 3


“Return to the Depths” Video Series – Part 3 from Yasemin Dalkilic on Vimeo.

“Return to the Depths” Video Series – Part 2


“Return to the Depths” Video Series – Part 2 from Yasemin Dalkilic on Vimeo.

Week 11 – A tough week behind us


As Rudi wrote in his weekly report (click here to read), we had a dog bite incident this past week. It happened so fast, the dog sneaked up behind me and went for my foot real fast looking like she was hunting an animal down. The moment I reacted she ran away, but the damage was done already. It was tough to stop the bleeding at first and all I was thinking about was how this would affect the training. (more…)

Week 11 – We’ve gone to the dogs!


Well, another week, and one full of events!

Of course, as you all know by now, at the end of last week, on Sunday, Yasemin was bitten by my aunt’s dog. Very weird thingl, the dog has known us forever, and just like that, in a matter of seconds, without any warning, Yasemin’s ankle was bleeding bright arterial blood all over the floor! (more…)

The Anywhere Gym: Basic Push-up


The Anywhere Gym: Basic Push-up from Yasemin Dalkilic on Vimeo.

Predive Visualisation – Part 3


When: Anytime before the dive is good, and the more you do it the better a dive you will have. Obviously, a very suitable time is right before the dive, when the alertness and adrenaline rush of the upcoming performance will help your mind be very awake and memorize any plans you make easily. (more…)

Predive Visualisation – Part 2



1- Establishing Momentum. From bottom to +20 meters. At the bottom, I am, buoyancy wise, at my most negative. I am also at the point where the diving reflex is most acute, so most of the blood has been drained from my arms and legs, and I have spent a long time inactive during the second phase of the descent. (more…)

Basic Training for Beginners – Part 3



The most important thing is for you to be safe while you train or dive. Every time you go to the pool, you should have a partner with you, somebody that can keep an eye on you while you swim your laps underwater. This person should know exactly what your training consists of, so that he/she can know if something is wrong as soon as it happens and help you. At the same time, when you dive, there should be divers with you ALL THE TIME. (more…)