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Basic Training for Beginners – Part 2


Designing your training

This is the most interesting part of freediving. The ideal thing is to have a professional trainer follow the athlete carefully so that a training system can be designed specifically for that diver, taking into account all the particularities that define such person. This is what I do with Yasemin and that’s a big reason why we have obtained such results, but a general outline can be followed where the diver can achieve some progress, even if it is not the maximum that can be expected. (more…)

“Return to the Depths” Video Series – Part 1


“Return to the Depths” Video Series – Part 1 from Yasemin Dalkilic on Vimeo.

Hello and welcome to our “Return to the Depths” weekly update!


rudifaceAlthough this is our first report, this is actually our 9th week of training so Yasemin is well along the planned schedule. We are at the point where we’re beginning to reach the peak of our cardio training and starting to phase in the apnea/anaerobic part. In previous years, we have separated both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, as is common in our system, so that by the time Yasemin got to the record period, her apnea capacity should be peaking but she had very little aerobic endurance left. (more…)

An all Turkish diving team for the first time!


At the beginning of 2008, after having heard a lot about his successful dive center and his experience in technical diving, I started corresponding with Asutay Akbayir on facebook. This correspondence led to him offering to do a freediving course through his Aquaclub Dive Center. And so, on June 2008, the course took place, with me teaching the theory and pool portions at Aquaclub’s excellent facilities in Ankara and then doing the dive training in Bodrum, using Motif Diving’s dive boat. This is when I first met Asutay in person and I was very impressed with his passion, energy and professionalism. (more…)