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Week 13 – Jamaica Diving Training


I’m finally getting to do some real diving. Real diving meaning not looking around enjoying the reefs or scuba, I mean some challenging deep freediving. The depth of our diving spot in Jamaica, 51 meters, is not that challenging in itself, but believe me Rudi has found ways. He’s quite creative when it comes to making any training challenging. He’s had me dive to 50 meters on empty lungs, spend bottom time, bring up heavy weights from the bottom, go down without weights in very buoyant wetsuits, so difficulty is never a problem. (more…)

“Return to the Depths” Video Series – Part 4


“Return to the Depths” Video Series – Part 4 from Yasemin Dalkilic on Vimeo.

Week 13 – Where we finally get wet


Well, we have been a bit late to do last week’s update, since we just came back home, but here it is. We spent 5 days in Jamaica, 4 of which were diving days, for our first dive training since we started the record preparations and Yasemin’s first diving in over 4 years! We visited our friend and old trainee of mine David Lee, 5-time world record holder, all of them in the most difficult freediving category, unassisted constant ballast. (more…)

Week 13 – Jamaica dive training photos


Week 13 – Jamaica Dive Training Photos (more…)