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Back to training when we thought we had reached the end of the road…


Well, as you all must have ready by now on Yasemin’s post, we’ve had to postpone the record event until April next year. Yasemin goes over the reasons for this very clearly, so let me talk about the diving side of things. (more…)

Record attempt moved from December 27 to April 2010


Well, it has been a while since our last update after returning from Turkey. And unfortunately, the news is that we have decided to postpone the record attempt, not cancel it, just postpone it. Instead of December 27th, the new date will be somewhere around end of March or early April next year, and i want to explain the reasons for this decision to all those who have been following our progress and wishing me well for these many months. The reasons are several, so I will explain them one by one. (more…)

-8 weeks: Our deep diving training trip in Turkey


Hello to everybody, we’re back from Turkey, and I am very excited, after having done a couple of deep dives for the first time in so many years. It doesn’t matter how many deep dives I’ve done, that amazing feeling never gets old, and this time it felt uniquely special, since I thought I would never get a chance to do this ever again. (more…)

Variable Ballast Technique Considerations


Hello all,

As a continuation of the technical aspects I touched on in the article “OUR GOAL: 125 METERS VARIABLE BALLAST!” I will go more in depth into the technical aspects of Yasemin’s dive protocol for her upcoming 125 meter attempt in the Variable category. (more…)

Our Goal: 125 meters Variable Ballast


People keep asking us, what is the target depth and category for your attempt in December? We have kept this information confidential until now, for reasons that I will explain below, but the time has come to let it out. So, come December 27th, Yasemin will attempt to dive to 125 meters/410 feet, bu descending with the use of a weighted sled and ascending under her own power, the definition of this category. (more…)

-8 weeks – Where we finally get deep for the first time in 6 years!


Well, we just came back from Turkey, from our first deep water training in almost 6 years! After almost 16 hours of flying, 2 weeks of interviews, media appearances and deep dives, we’re finally home, and we are exhausted. As you may remember, right before we left, Yas had endured weeks of antibiotics, decreased training and a flu that got weaker or stronger in turns, but never quite left her body. (more…)

-8 Weeks – Bodrum dive training photos


-8 Weeks – Bodrum dive training photos (more…)