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Project “Return to the depths”: Completed


yasfacesmallerThe “Return to the Depths” project is now completed. After a long, 6 year absence from freediving, I came back determined to reset the world record in the Limited Variable Ballast category, which I consider the most challenging and spectacular of the sport. I both, succeeded and failed, in this endeavor. (more…)

Brief overview of our harness safety system


Note: this article was written on April 19th and meant for publication around April 21st. Due to time constraints, we postponed its publication until after our 125 meter attempt, but given the outcome, it was only now that we had the chance to publish it.

There are several safety systems out there when it comes to keeping freediving competitions and record events safe. We are still using the traditional system where we position safety divers at 15-20 meter intervals along Yasemin’s descent line, but we have also started testing and using our new retrieval system. (more…)

Happy Birthday Yasemin!


Yasemin is 31 years old today and I want to share my joy with all of you about the fact that we’re celebrating her birthday just days after a potentially fatal accident. Yas and I met in 1999 and during all these years she has been my partner, in life, diving and everything else. She is the best partner I could have ever hoped for, my inspiration, my light on dark times (and we’ve had some of those) and the reason I look forward to every new day. She is also the best example I could think of when it comes to dedication, hard work, integrity and commitment to the highest standards as an athlete, and that’s why she is respected by so many. Then again, she makes liking her very easy. Happy Birthday Love!

Rudi Castineyra