Back in the water!


Hello all, it has been over a year since I posted on this website. A long time indeed. As many of you know, our daughter Lara was born on February 12th, 2011, and now, her first birthday is approaching. During this past year, Rudi and I have enjoyed tremendously our new roles as parents, and despite the sleepless nights, the loud crying, and the demise of our social lives, it has been magical every step of the way. Compared to all the records, the travels around the world and all the marvelous adventures we have lived through, Lara is our brightest accomplishment by far. But we miss diving. A lot. We feel the ocean pulling at every fiber of our bodies, calling us in, and now that Lara is old enough to spend reasonably long periods of time away from us, we are ready to start venturing out into that blue dimension we love so much. Stay tuned, we have some very exciting projects planned for the next couple of years, and we will announce the first one very soon. Finally, we are getting back in the water!

One Response to “Back in the water!”

  1. Trish C says:

    Dear Yasemin & Rudi,

    Happy Belated Birthday to Lara, what a beautiful Child!! And congratulations to you both for your accomplishment….

    Hope you are well and keep on reaching for the stars!!!