Back to training when we thought we had reached the end of the road…


Well, as you all must have ready by now on Yasemin’s post, we’ve had to postpone the record event until April next year. Yasemin goes over the reasons for this very clearly, so let me talk about the diving side of things.

Now, when it comes to the diving, I can assure you all that this was not part of the reason why we decided to postpone the event. Yasemin’s performance was right where it needed to be, and in fact, with all the adjustments we made to the training program after returning from our dive training in Bodrum, Yasemin quickly showed the improvements we were hoping for. She has even exceeded several performance parameters that we had set for her, and then she had managed to repeat those performances on a consistent basis. She had managed to do better horizontal (dynamic) apnea distances and static apnea times than she ever did before, and although these 2 parameters are not a fundamental part of my training system, they reflect a marked improvement in anaerobic capabilities, putting her overall conditioning over the goal I had set. So as a trainer, I was very confident that the 125 meters were within our grasp, and the Safety Team was ready to keep Yasemin safe, so the diving aspect of the equation, which is the most difficult one to get right, was taken care of. It is terribly disappointing to not be able to dive in December, we were really looking forward to doing really deep dives after 6 years out of the water, and we were also ready to get this thing over with. An athlete cannot train forever, and our program was designed for Yasemin to peak right now, to achieve her best results and stop the intense training immediately after. It will be very tough on her body to continue for another 4 months, even if I can make adjustments to compensate for this, so now we need to worry about going through a slow-down period and start again on a fast intensity curve to get he ready for April. So, in essence, we will have to repeat the last 3 months of training once again. This will be risky because this is the type of training that puts enough stress on the body as to make it weak and prone to illness, but we’ll have to take our chances. If we are careful, and lucky, we can keep Yasemin healthy, and if we can do that then I have complete confidence that she will come to the new record date in her best shape ever. I knew she could have done this record now in December, even after all the logistical obstacles and many weeks of lost training due to illness so now that all these negative things seem to be in the past, I know she can do it one more time.

Anyway, now that we have more time, I will try to write a series of articles about training and diving safety that many readers have been requesting from me, which should be informative and helpful to many freedivers. So, that’s where we are right now, re-grouping and re-adjusting to make the record happen a little later than planned. Let us hope that, as the saying goes, it’s all happening for a good reason. On the good side, in April, we will have a great video team with us that will allow us to do some amazing things, including a surprise we had saved for December but that I will reveal to you right now. Yasemin’s record will be filmed in 3D, first time ever in freediving that this has been done!

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