FREE and Liquivision team up to verify World Records!


FREE (Freediving Regulations & Education Entity) one of the premier training and verification freediving agencies in the world, and Liquivision, the maker of the Liquivision X1 diving computer have finalized an agreement that will see the X1 become the Official Gauge of all freediving events verified by FREE. This means that, from now on, for every competition or record attempt verified by FREE, all competing freedivers will be required to wear several X1 computers to verify the depths achieved.
The FREE judges will also use additional X1 computers to measure the goal depth on the descent line. The use of several of these highly accurate, sophisticated computers will bring several key advantages to the verification of record dives. Rudi Castineyra, FREE president, explains:

“The Liquivision X1 is, simply put, the most sophisticated and complete diving computer in existence today. It has earned an enthusiastic following by much of the technical diving community. It was designed in fact, by a freediver who happens to be an engineer. FREE is the only organization that requires strict verification of the actual depth reached by freedivers during competitions. Until now, this has been achieved by carefully measured ropes, but this procedure has its limitations. Although computers and gauges have been routinely used by both FREE and AIDA, they were never treated as an official instrument of verification. What are the advantages of this new protocol? First, these gauges are not owned by either the freediver or FREE, they are the property of Liquivision. Once we receive a request for verification, we receive a package of X1′s directly from Liquivision, which have been tested and calibrated before leaving their factory. We are, in fact, using new gauges for every record, with new sensors and fresh hardware, eliminating the possibility of failure or malfunction that comes with gauges that are used frequently, under hard conditions and not taken care of properly. The gauges remain with the FREE judges at all times, who retrieve the data after every dive to verify the official depth. Once the record attempt is over, the gauges are returned to Liquivision, where they are fitted with new hardware and remain on hold until the next record attempt. Second, by having only the Liquivision personnel deal with all aspects of maintenance and repair of the gauges at all times, we eliminate the element of tampering from happening. We will use a package containing 4 of the X1 gauges. Two of them will be worn by the freediver, and the other two will be used by the FREE judges to corroborate the depth of the descent line at several stages. This will allow us to do things like cancel a dive before it takes place if the maximum depth is wrong, thus preventing the freediver from attempting a dive that is not verifiable and unnecessarily putting the safety team at risk. This will also allow FREE to implement another very important safety element that represents a bold step forward in freediving verification”

Bob Hambidge, head of the Judges Committee at FREE adds: “In fact, for 3 of the 5 categories that we officially verify, we can now eliminate the position of Bottom Judge from our requirements. In both Limited and Unlimited Variable Ballast, as well as Line Assisted Constant Ballast, where the element of an underwater rule violation is almost impossible, this new protocol adopted by FREE, will require only 1 judge to be present to verify the attempt, instead of the 2 judges that we have required until now. The X1 computers will become our eyes underwater. An additional benefit to this is that the diver will only have to cover the expenses for a single judge. From a safety standpoint it allows us to have one less diver exposed to extreme depth and prolonged decompression. We can now tell the diver, before he dives, whether his descent line is too deep or too shallow, fix the problem on the spot and then simply wait for the surface judge to verify the surfacing protocol. This way, we make the attempt less complicated and safer for the diver, and expeditious for FREE to verify. Once all the X1 gauges used during the attempt have been downloaded and the surfacing protocol has been accepted, the performance can become official just minutes after the diver emerges from the water, including a graph of the dive that can be shown to media and sponsors”

Eric Fattah, designer of the X1 computer and Chief Technical Officer of Liquivision Products, Inc had this to say: “Besides the hundreds of satisfied customers we have worldwide, this agreement with FREE confirms once again that the X1 is the most advanced diving computer in the world, which is why FREE chose it for such a delicate task. The X1 includes two highly reliable ceramic pressure sensors, for superior safety. On top of that, the gauge is really small, making it convenient to wear by a freediver. It is fully gel-filled, so it can’t flood, and it has no buttons that can stick or break. Instead, it has a “tap” interface which allows the diver to navigate through menus by tapping the unit in the desired direction. Most importantly, it has a bright, high-contrast, light-emitting OLED display that is easily readable from any angle. This makes it possible for the freediver to read it at depth without shining a light on it, which is critical at extreme depths. The X1 can be used for freediving, and all types of scuba diving, including air, nitrox and trimix, including open-circuit and closed circuit. We have worked hard to make the X1 the best diving computer ever, and FREE has recognized that by making it its official depth verification gauge.”

The Liquivision X1 will be first used by FREE during the verification of the upcoming world record attempts by freediver Yasemin Dalkilic during April and May in Turkey. For more on the attempts, visit, FREE can be found at and Liquivision is at

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