Freediving Courses coming up, get them while they’re hot!


It has been a while since we last taught a freediving course. I myself have remained active in freediving instruction all these years, but it has been more on consultant, specialist basis. I have helped a few well known freedivers improve their already excellent techniques through private training, I’ve helped several non freediving athletes implement out breathing system into their training as a way to prepare for important races and events (including one very famous sprinter whose name I’m not at liberty to divulge),
and even helped the actors in a TV series that featured several scenes underwater how to quickly improve their breath holding capabilities and how to do it during several takes for hours and hours. All of this has been very rewarding, but in truth, I have been aching to get back to teaching freediving courses “in proper”, to real freedivers, in real conditions, with the aim of seeing real results at the end of the course. And so has been Yasemin, who has not only been my “demonstration” partner is all the courses I last did, and who does not want someone like her demonstrating skills, but who has also become a great instructor on her own right. So, adding to the fact that we were missing the amazing experience that is teaching these courses, we have also gotten so many requests from divers from all over the place, that we have decided to conduct two courses after Yasemin is finished with her record attempt. First, we will do an Advanced Freediver course from May 7th to the 10th, and then a Master Freediver course from May 12th to the 16th. Both courses will take place in Kas, Turkey, the same location where we will attempt Yasemin’s new World Record, using the same site, safety, and even sled used for Yasemin’s dive! On top of that, we will be adding a ton of new techniques, principles and training ideas that we have used for the preparation of this record that are basically new. This is stuff that we had never used before for training, or taught in any courses, so there is a wealth of new information in these courses. For those interested, you can write to me at:

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