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rudifaceAlthough this is our first report, this is actually our 9th week of training so Yasemin is well along the planned schedule. We are at the point where we’re beginning to reach the peak of our cardio training and starting to phase in the apnea/anaerobic part. In previous years, we have separated both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, as is common in our system, so that by the time Yasemin got to the record period, her apnea capacity should be peaking but she had very little aerobic endurance left.

Thus, every time we had a deep dive, she would be very tired afterwards. You remember how Usain Bolt crumbled to the ground after his 200 meter world record in Berlin, even though it was only 20 seconds, less actually? Well, it’s like that, but this year, I wanna keep a more balanced correlation between aerobic and anaerobic, so that even though her apnea shape will be at 85-90% of what it used to be, she will be able to recover much quickly and stay strong through the whole record period.

This is a great idea in theory, except that it means she has to train harder so that she can get her body in tune with anaerobic conditions while still staying strong aerobically, so longer and more intense training sessions are inevitable. So, in order for her not to get tired later on, she must be tired now all the time, weird equation, right? But besides the fact that from now on we must be very careful with the possibility of OTFS (over training fatigue syndrome) Yasemin is also getting very strong, her muscles are reacting very well to the strenght conditioning we’re doing, and this will make a BIG difference come record time. Yasemin has never been anywhere near her peak strenght on her other records before, and this has limited her performance, but this time, she will be much stronger, in fact, strong enough that the distance she has to cover during the record will not be a problem in terms of muscle endurance.

With that out of the way, only her apnea shape will be an obstacle, and the major goal for us to work on. On her previous records, because her technique is so good, Yasemin’s dive time were always under 3:00 minutes, but this time, my calculations give me a rough estimate of around 3:20 minutes, so we need to increase her WAT (working apnea time) by about 30 seconds or so. Not so easy, but we should be able to accomplish it without a problem. And that’s where we stand right now, things are going the way we planned them, but we’re entering the stage where obstacles, in the shape of injuries or fatigue could stand in our way, so we must move carefully ahead while at the same time keeping the training demanding enough.

Rudi Castineyra

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