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I’m happy to announce that we’re embarking on a new project, called “The Amazing Dives of the World”. It is a 6 episode documentary series aimed at raising awareness about the fragile state of our oceans. I am one of those who TRULY believe we have a responsibility to our planet, to protect it, to care for it, and to preserve it for future generations. Our planet is all we have. Without a healthy planet, life cannot be sustained, and when that day comes, all things like religion, politics and governments that occupy our news everyday won’t matter at all. And I am very alarmed at the continued damage our oceans are sustaining. Places where I used to dive merely 10 years ago no longer exist, wiped out by raising temperatures and water pollution. Scientists believe that at this rate, most life will have disappeared from the oceans in less than 50 years, and many species will be gone much sooner. Therefore, it is conceivable that our daughter Lara will never get to experience the miracle of a dolphin, a whale or a coral reef by herself. And when Rudi and I realized that, we decided to embark on this documentary series around the world, to show the oceans from our perspective, and to hopefully inspire as many as possible to join in the efforts to save the oceans.

We will show you locations never before seen, including animals and ecosystems, or present other well known spots from our unique perspective. A freediver like myself can move without the noise of bubbles or the weight of tanks, able to become a true witness of life underwater. Accompanying me will be the team of videographers from Ideas in Blue, the ones that have filmed all of my world records, who will in most cases, follow me while freediving as well, to fulfill our goal of bringing you some amazing images. And a couple of our safety divers will be there as well, keeping a watchful eye over us all.

Making this dream possible is Cantek, a Turkish company that manufactures cutting edge refrigeration equipment, and who has chosen to become our partner in this project and sponsor us. Cantek’s motto is “Use your Energy Wisely”, since they build equipment that requires far less energy to perform than traditional refrigeration machines, which are notoriously very power hungry. This is a mentality which I think is very important for the future, to create products that can operate with a minimal carbon footprint, while still providing an invaluable service such as refrigeration, which allows us to preserve foods and to ship them all around the world. I feel an affinity of interest with Cantek, since it is the motto of freediving to use one’s energy wisely, specially when going for world record dives. To exemplify this bond between Cantek and us, there will be a section called “The Performance Challenge” in every episode, where I will attempt a very challenging dive, ever time with different goals and under different conditions, and ever time trying to achieve something very unique and interesting. Obviously, these challenges will only be met through the wise use of energy, and I hope that with these well planned efforts, we will be able to inspire people to put their own efforts into doing their part to help preserve the oceans. The episodes will play as webisodes on this site, while negotiations are underway to show them on TV networks around the world. We will keep you posted, and in the meantime, visit this site often for more updates on this project. I think you will enjoy watching the final results as much as we will enjoy making them.

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Use your Energy Wisely!

Yasemin Dalkilic

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