Meet Lara!


I’m happy to let all of our friends know that Rudi and I are working on the most important project of our lives. For the past 4 months, we have carefully nurtured it, watched it grow, taken care of it, and now that it looks safely underway, we want to let you know about it. “it” has become a “she”: this is our daughter Lara, all of 16 weeks old and expected to be born on February 2011! photoAt the time I got the call from my sponsor to come back to freediving for one more record, almost 2 years ago, Rudi and I were really considering the possibility of a child for the first time in our lives, not really sure about it, and then, the training for the record sort of made the decision for us that we would wait. Then 4 months ago, when that last record almost became the last thing I ever did and came very, very close to loosing my life on that dive, our priorities became crystal clear. Whatever doubts or hesitations we both felt until then suddenly disappeared and within 2 weeks from that terrible day we had conceived this little miracle of life that now grows inside me, and cannot stop moving for a single second as you can see in the video. As with everything we have done together for the past 11 years, Rudi and I will endeavor to put the best of ourselves into this child, and to do whatever it takes so that she becomes a person of happiness, passion and value, both to herself and to others.

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2 Responses to “Meet Lara!”

  1. Ivo Truxa says:

    Congrats, and all best with this your next adventure, Yasemin and Rudi!


  2. Mohamed faruk.nagia says:

    Aasalamualeikum dear sister y.dalkilic, I have nothing say much but by watching you I have come to understand my potential, because its being years since I lost confidence in my self, but by watching and understanding you I have come to understand myself. Thank you very much & may Allah(s.w) deliver you and your baby safely. Ameen. ALL THE BEST IN LIFE.