Project Journal, June 10th, 2012: “Caves, Tunnels and Ledges”


Having lots of fun diving in the maze of caves, tunnels and ledges that can be found by the hundreds in the reefs of the Northern Florida Keys. This shallow area, where depths average only 6-8 meters, is legendary for its beautiful coral formations, its abundant marine life and and its many wrecks. As you can imagine, being so shallow, these rocky bottoms have claimed countless ships through the centuries, from Spanish galleons full of treasure to American Civil War transports to even a trader full of molasses’ barrels, which gives the name to the most famous reef here, Molasses Reef. This area shows the very delicate balance the oceans are enduring on these times of ecological turmoil better than any other area probably. Being so shallow and with so many coral formations, these reefs are very susceptible to anything from aggressive boat traffic, where propellers can destroy delicate life that is only centimeters below, to acid rains and heavy winds. In fact, we are encountering really bad conditions during our dives here, with very murky water due to all of the above factors, but we remain hopeful since we can attest that life species, both plant and animals, are still seen here in full force.

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