Week 11 – A tough week behind us


As Rudi wrote in his weekly report (click here to read), we had a dog bite incident this past week. It happened so fast, the dog sneaked up behind me and went for my foot real fast looking like she was hunting an animal down. The moment I reacted she ran away, but the damage was done already. It was tough to stop the bleeding at first and all I was thinking about was how this would affect the training. After a couple of days of having to keep my foot up, the wound started closing fast. The day after the incident, on Monday I rested and I kept thinking about what I could accomplish somewhat close to our original training plan this week. If it was left up to me I was going to cycle everyday, do weights, abs, etc but Rudi, rightly so, stopped me from doing most of the workouts I had in mind. We did a light upper body weight workout on Tuesday and when even that made my ankle feel worse I was glad Rudi was holding me back.

The rest of the week we tried to mostly do short but effective workouts, to limit the time I’d spend standing up. Starting with mostly upperbody weights, later on in the week we got to do some of Rudi’s favorite exercise, the Stairmaster, the machine that lets you climb real stairs, which wouldn’t hurt my foot as long as we limited the time. We also did some cycling which is a very good leg exercise for a freediver. I found very good waterproof bandages that cover the wound very well, and I did some apnea training in aunt Mirita’s pool (see video). By the way, she’s too young to be called an aunt, but that’s what she is to Rudi :-) Mirita and her husband Hector live less than 5 minutes away, and their lovely backyard with the pool is perfect to do static apnea training. Rudi and I even got married there, where Mirita, being a notary herself, even officiated the ceremony. With Hector’s phenomenal barbequed meats and Mirita’s one of a kind salads, getting together with them and enjoying their company is one of the few things we allow ourselves to decompress from the rigors of training. I was going to say that they also have this pretty dog until I realized last week that I’m no more than a piece of steak to her! Very disappointed China! (that’s the name of the attacker), but it was good for me to return to the “scene of the crime” and regain my confidence :-)

The whole week was very stressful for me. It’s been a long time I’ve been away from freediving. I regularly worked out but it’s far from the kind of training I need for a record. We want to attempt the record before January, end of December is the latest time where the temperatures are acceptable for a dive which gives us exactly the minimum amount of time required for our preparations. So any little thing that goes wrong and throws off our schedule puts things at risk. This incident together with the fact that we haven’t had the necessary logistics taken care of to be able to start our diving training sessions worries me. Any such stress reflects onto our training as lack of sleep, lack of motivation and fatigue, all of which makes and already demanding training more demanding. But I have to be strong, we have lived through worse scenarios in my past record preparations. I’m dedicated to our goal and am set to do whatever it takes to achieve it.

Fortunately on Saturday I finally felt good enough to do my pool training. I had a little bit of pain while swimming with the monofin, but after resting it that night and putting some ice on it, by Sunday morning my foot was totally recovered. I realized I haven’t lost as much shape as I thought this week, but the antibiotics are making my apnea trainings a lot more difficult. All in all I’m quite optimistic for the upcoming week and hopefully our sponsorship issues will be solved as well.

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