Week 11 – We’ve gone to the dogs!


Well, another week, and one full of events!

Of course, as you all know by now, at the end of last week, on Sunday, Yasemin was bitten by my aunt’s dog. Very weird thingl, the dog has known us forever, and just like that, in a matter of seconds, without any warning, Yasemin’s ankle was bleeding bright arterial blood all over the floor! She had a puncture about 4 mm deep and 4 mm wide that went right through skin, ligament and muscle and stopped right in front of the bone. My biggest concern was that it is customary not to stitch dog bites, since they tend to infect easily, but then with such a big hole open, it would take forever for the wound to heal and really affect our training. But Yas has healed so quickly it’s amazing. By the 3rd day, the opening had closed enough that we could start doing some training again.

So this week was all about damage control, about trying to minimize the negative effects from the lack of training and all the antibiotics circulating through her body, which are terrible for athletes since they soften up the muscles and induce weakness and fatigue. And then Yasemin, like many champion athletes, was getting a bit over anxious and paranoid about what this setback would mean and how she could not afford to loose any training and insisting that we trained no matter what, at the risk of jeopardizing her recovery and really setting us back a month or two. So we had a conversation and she relaxed somewhat, but it has been a tough week on me as well, having to keep her energy and desire to train at bay. Of course, I would much rather deal with this than the lack of enthusiasm for training that some other of my trainees have exhibited in the past. Good news is that, by the end of the week, once we got to run, bycicle and swim again, her shape was right where it should have been, so all in all, I would quantify her conditioning at 93% of where it needed to be, which is a very recoverable gap.

On another front, we had some setbacks with the sponsorship front, which I know Yasemin mentioned briefly on her Facebook updates, but she didn’t give much detail since she is so professional. I however, the fact remains that in this kind of training, a schedule of activities must be rigorously adhered to, and every day that you don’t do what you are supposed to do, everything falls behind. For example, we should have done 1 or 2 dive trips by now, but we haven’t yet, and we were supposed to start doing hypoxic training (I will explain in an upcoming article what that is) and we haven’t yet, so although gym training is going well, we have now fallen behind on anaerobic and diving training, and we’re only 3 months away from the record attempt. And simply put, this has happened because sponsorship commitments have not been met in the time they were supposed to. This tends to happen a lot, in all sports, sponsors are happy to reap the rewards of the exposure and popularity that comes with the winning performance of their athletes, but they are slow and forgetful during the training period. This situation should be fixed by this week, so let’s hope we can catch up with all the activities we’re behind on. Other than that, things continue moving forward, the train left the station long ago and continues rolling towards its destination :-)

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