Week 12 – Everything is going as planned!!!


Everything is going as planned. This is one of those phrases from the movies we laugh a lot at. Remember how in the TV show 24, after a few episodes where they take down the bad guy, at the end there is a “badder” guy that comes and says “no worries, everything is going as planned”. That’s how i feel now. Despite all our setbacks our plan is still in place.

I started this week with the hopes of working out hard enough that I could make up for everything we lost. But of course as Jedi master Yoda, and my master Rudi rightly says “patience my young padawan”. (As you may have noticed, Rudi and I, being the movie fans that we are, like to talk in “movie language” a lot :-) I have to be patient and take it a step at a time. There are no quick rewards in sports, everything has to be gradual. I was getting all upset that Rudi was not letting me train almost all day, nonstop and when we don’t I would worry all the time that I’m loosing my shape. But we a had the “talk”. He’s great with these talks. He reminded me how what matters is the quality of the training, not just doing a lot and killing myself. How if I put everything I got and more into every single training, where I finish asking for mercy every single time no matter how hard or easy that workout is, then I will get the results I need and that I have nothing to worry about. That’s what I did this week, I finished every workout improving my best time ever, trying to catch my breath, my legs aching, dying to rest and eat. And it was true, when I did more demanding trainings on friday and saturday they went better than ever. I lost nothing from my shape, I’m exactly where I need to be.

To run you briefly through our schedule this week, on Monday I did a leg and abdominal workout in the gym in the morning. In the afternoon I had a long pool training, more cardio oriented, where I would go for distance and try to improve my time. On Tuesday we did upperbody weights and one the toughest exercises I know, the stairmaster, the one where you climb stairs on a gym machine. We did some speed Roller blading in the afternoon with some sets of sprints at the end. Wednesday was same as Monday. Thursday is a bit of rest where I do a 1.5 hour yoga session as you can see in this week’s video. In the afternoon I would go to aunt Mirita’s pool for a static apnea workout. This is when things got a bit tough for us. As planned, the prime ministry transferred their remaining obligations to finance the record to a sponsor, so we’ve been in negotiations with this sponsor in a very brief time schedule. For my training to continue as planned a lot of details that usually take up a lot of time had to be resolved before the weekend where the “bayram” in Turkey started. This put a lot of stress onto everybody, and we spent couple of night almost not sleeping, to finalize our talks with Turkey, because of the time difference. After a hard work from everybody including the prime ministry, sponsor, my agent Nehir Cetiner Akmaz and ourselves we seem to have come to a resolution and now I can sleep in peace. But because of this my static apnea training on Thursday night went really bad. I could not believe the times I was having difficulty with. And even though I knew this had to do with my lack of sleep of course I could not get it out of my head things like am I getting sick, did last week’s lack of training cost us more than I think, am I loosing my shape? However the next day I had a tough long apnea pool training where I’d do lots of underwater laps, breathholding and combinations of these. And it went better than ever. A good night’s sleep was all I needed. On Saturday too I did a tough long cardio session which also went very well. I normally do cycling on Saturday but after a nonstop rain all day by 6pm I quit and decided to do this in the gym with the stairmaster machine. It was disappointing that I had to cancel my favorite outdoor cycling workout and do cardio in the gym which I hate, but performing really well made it all worth it.

Next weekend we’re heading to Jamaica for a 4 day diving training and before that some interesting workouts await me in preparation to diving for the first time in a while. I’m so looking forward to getting in the sea for some depth!

One Response to “Week 12 – Everything is going as planned!!!”

  1. Ivo Truxa says:

    Hello Yasemin,

    Happy to see you back at freediving and wishing you a great success! I tried to find out which discipline you are actually targeting in your record attempt, but did not find it anywhere. Well, I admit there is a lot of text and videos, and although I went through all of it, I may have overseen it. Nevertheless, I think you should mention it somewhere where is it really well visible, and mentioning it repeatadly in your articles and videos. Will it be Constant Weight with or without fins? Variable weight? No limits? Will it be done under AIDA rules, beating the recent AIDA record, with AIDA international judges? Or will it be still a F.R.E.E. record? Or CMAS perhaps? Are you going for a world record, or a national one?

    Wishing good luck!