Week 12 – “Relax! You’re NOT loosing your shape!”


Hello all and welcome back!

It’s been now 2 weeks since Yasemin was bitten by the dog, and although the first week we were able to salvage something and do some of the workouts we had planned, I really knew that it would only be on the 2nd week when she would start getting back to normal. So, as a trainer, I really started counting on the trainings to yield results from this past week onwards, so we were in a bit of a hurry to get back in the gym and the pool, but at the same time, I know that abruptly starting hard training after a week of heavy antibiotics and forced rest might be hard for the body to cope with, so I was a bit careful. Which is not, of course, what Yasemin wanted, she, as usual, wanted to get back to full steam training and when I didn’t cave in to her demands, things got a little “strained” between us :-) But no worries, I’ve been with this trainee for 10 years now and know her very well, and truth be said, either as trainer/trainee or husband/wife, we’ve never once had a serious argument in all that time. Besides, she has to be careful since I’m the one that cooks at home, so she does want to be on my good side…

But, seriously, I insisted to her that the way she’s been reacting to training is very good, in the sense that even with less intensity or less quantity of exercise, she will still keep making forward progress and reaping benefits from the training. But things got complicated somewhat when, for some reason, we both spent 2 continuous nights, I think it was Tuesday and Wednesday, without sleeping at all. It had to do with the fact that our negotiations with the sponsors kept taking forever to be resolved and the stress that comes with that is just unbearable, but eventually things got solved (we hope!) and slowly we got back to normal. But it wasn’t really until Friday that we were able to do a proper pool session and, thank god, she did very, very well, which was a great moral boost. Likewise, she did a great cardio workout on Saturday, and that also helped a lot. People don’t understand that athletes need these signs of reassurance, reassurance that their bodies is responding well to training, that the training they’re doing is the right one, and that even when they loose time away from training, they are able to get back exactly where they left off. This need for reassurance is not lack of confidence or self doubt, but in all fairness, when you’re putting your life on the line and you train 6-8 hours per day, things better go your way, otherwise, is very hard to motivate yourself to adhere to such tough regime. And with Yasemin, we went through a very hard period once, back in 2002-2003, when her pancreas tumor was getting stronger and we had no clue about it, where our training and diving results were completely off. It was a terrible time, for no matter how many variations of training I tried, and how many things she did to preserve her strength and mental toughness, she kept getting worse and worse and worse. It was terrible really, we were at a loss for explanations, no matter how hard we looked, and when we did our first test dives, she was constantly blacking out on depths she used to do easily when she was 16 years old! And even though we now know why this was happening, there’s something very delicate there in our memories that would have been re-awoken had she suffered a real setback in training after just 7-10 days of not working out at 100% capacity. Since this was not the case, we’re both doubly happy with her good results, but I’m under no illusions that we still need to step it up a few notches before we can start tapering off the load and concentrate more on apnea work, so for all that is worth it, the next 2-3 weeks are going to be crucial, and we need to be able to extract maximum benefit from them and not loose a single day or training session. Knock on wood!

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