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Week 13 – Where we finally get wet


Well, we have been a bit late to do last week’s update, since we just came back home, but here it is. We spent 5 days in Jamaica, 4 of which were diving days, for our first dive training since we started the record preparations and Yasemin’s first diving in over 4 years! We visited our friend and old trainee of mine David Lee, 5-time world record holder, all of them in the most difficult freediving category, unassisted constant ballast. (more…)

Week 12 – “Relax! You’re NOT loosing your shape!”


Hello all and welcome back!

It’s been now 2 weeks since Yasemin was bitten by the dog, and although the first week we were able to salvage something and do some of the workouts we had planned, I really knew that it would only be on the 2nd week when she would start getting back to normal. (more…)

Week 11 – We’ve gone to the dogs!


Well, another week, and one full of events!

Of course, as you all know by now, at the end of last week, on Sunday, Yasemin was bitten by my aunt’s dog. Very weird thingl, the dog has known us forever, and just like that, in a matter of seconds, without any warning, Yasemin’s ankle was bleeding bright arterial blood all over the floor! (more…)

Hello and welcome to our “Return to the Depths” weekly update!


rudifaceAlthough this is our first report, this is actually our 9th week of training so Yasemin is well along the planned schedule. We are at the point where we’re beginning to reach the peak of our cardio training and starting to phase in the apnea/anaerobic part. In previous years, we have separated both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, as is common in our system, so that by the time Yasemin got to the record period, her apnea capacity should be peaking but she had very little aerobic endurance left. (more…)