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Yasemin’s record attempt series ends with a dive to 106m


8-time freediving world champion Yasemin Dalkilic, who was in Kas, Antalya preparing for a world record attempt to 125 meters in the Limited Variable Ballast category, has canceled her official record date of May 2nd. After a 6 year absence from freediving, Yasemin had come back with the help of the main sponsor Turkcell, host location Kas, Hera Hotel, Linde Gases and Aquaclub Dive School. (more…)

Record attempt moved from December 27 to April 2010


Well, it has been a while since our last update after returning from Turkey. And unfortunately, the news is that we have decided to postpone the record attempt, not cancel it, just postpone it. Instead of December 27th, the new date will be somewhere around end of March or early April next year, and i want to explain the reasons for this decision to all those who have been following our progress and wishing me well for these many months. The reasons are several, so I will explain them one by one. (more…)

-8 weeks: Our deep diving training trip in Turkey


Hello to everybody, we’re back from Turkey, and I am very excited, after having done a couple of deep dives for the first time in so many years. It doesn’t matter how many deep dives I’ve done, that amazing feeling never gets old, and this time it felt uniquely special, since I thought I would never get a chance to do this ever again. (more…)

Week 12 – Everything is going as planned!!!


Everything is going as planned. This is one of those phrases from the movies we laugh a lot at. Remember how in the TV show 24, after a few episodes where they take down the bad guy, at the end there is a “badder” guy that comes and says “no worries, everything is going as planned”. That’s how i feel now. Despite all our setbacks our plan is still in place. (more…)

An all Turkish diving team for the first time!


At the beginning of 2008, after having heard a lot about his successful dive center and his experience in technical diving, I started corresponding with Asutay Akbayir on facebook. This correspondence led to him offering to do a freediving course through his Aquaclub Dive Center. And so, on June 2008, the course took place, with me teaching the theory and pool portions at Aquaclub’s excellent facilities in Ankara and then doing the dive training in Bodrum, using Motif Diving’s dive boat. This is when I first met Asutay in person and I was very impressed with his passion, energy and professionalism. (more…)