I’ve been writing little here lately.With everything going on in Turkey I just don’t find it in me to write anything about our daily lives. Everyday the things I read and see make me more and more frustrated with humanity. I can’t believe 99.999% of people are so backwards thinking, so ignorant, self centered and so disrespectful of others. It’s not just what’s happening in Turkey, but everyday I witness all kinds of badness: from seeing my neighbors’ garbage cans overflowing so many times a week, showing the reckless consumerism in people, to seeing so many drivers distracted while driving with their phones and whatever, risking my life and our children’s lives just like that, to those banks that, while calling it “helping people buy their houses”, they make them pay triple the price of the house in interest and then charge endless fees on top of that, to the companies that just constantly turn down and cut off the intelligent innovative employees and keep celebrating the ones with average skills and no forward thinking whatsoever, to the medical establishment that is capable of taking advantage of the sick, making never ever less than 500% profit from their services and medicines. I can keep going on and on and on forever. I’m just really really really pissed with people everyday and, worse, disappointed in them. This disenchantment made me go from an eager young athlete with energy to do anything, to someone who slowly lost the drive to give, share and do things. On top of that, the political situation in Turkey has made me so sad. I’ve been always proud to be a Turk, proud of a country that fought hard to become developed, and whose people took pride in being civilized as well as civil. And now, in such a short time, the people in Turkey I always thought were a minority, are now bringing out the worst in Turks, pushing the country backwards and working to take all the greatness we achieved through so many years away forever.

So like this, for years I’ve been just keeping to myself, trying to enjoy life with a small group of people that I love and respect and keep my interaction with other people, through social events, business and projects to the very minimum. Like this, I managed to heal myself and be a happier person. But of course this happiness is only to a level. I still see this sad picture everyday and this year also, having been working on our environmental themed diving project, the realization of how much faster the magical underwater world that I fell in love with is disappearing got added to this picture. Add to that everything that is happening in Turkey, how all the things that were good about that country and all that we believed in as Turks is just disappearing in front of our eyes. It feels like people are getting worse and worse since those people that should be eliminated by Darwin’s law, instead keep getting richer and stronger because they support each other and because mediocrity is celebrated in the world we live in.

But then I became a mother. First I had a baby and I had this motherly beautiful connection going on that kept me happy and away from this horrible world, but then as she started growing up and my life started coming back to me, I came to a realization that gave me hope and energy. The fact that these little kids are all born with goodness, longing for happiness and love and what a potential they got that can be steered to good or bad. And while most efforts you put into making a difference for an adult are just wasted, any effort you spend with a child, sharing love or happiness with them, or adding just a dash of creativity and magic into their world, you get a 10 to 1 return. It makes them a better person and I’m sure that if you keep doing this as in the example of a good parent then you’ll certainly raise a human being not like the other 99%. And like 300 spartans, one educated, well raised person is worth many of the others. Everyday when I take Lara to her school, I don’t want to come back home and just spend the whole day watching the children, observing how lovely and naive they are, how easily they become happy, how they interact with each other. It gives me so much energy. This has turned me from someone that could only find happiness within herself and with nature, into someone that once again wants to share and give, but this time to kids. I want to spend my future efforts and plan my future projects to make a difference for children. Bring some richness into their lives,
help them get that urge for exploration, the love for adventure, the awe for our planet, help them become a better person, find their passion and show them how much better it is to respect people with accomplishments rather than to idolize those with looks, money and fame. I’m convinced this is the only way I can have any hope that Lara and the future generations will live in a better place.

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