Project “Return to the depths”: Completed


yasfacesmallerThe “Return to the Depths” project is now completed. After a long, 6 year absence from freediving, I came back determined to reset the world record in the Limited Variable Ballast category, which I consider the most challenging and spectacular of the sport. I both, succeeded and failed, in this endeavor. While I managed to reset the FREE record with a very easy dive to 106 meters/348 feet, I was unable to reach my ultimate goal of 125 meters/410 feet for an absolute record that would surpass the existing marks from all organizations. As it is widely known by now, I suffered a deep water accident during that attempt that seriously threatened my life, and I survived only because of the strict safety standards put in place and the work of a highly trained safety team. That 125 meter dive had been a goal of mine for many years, a result I felt was worthy of ending my deep diving career with, so I spent over a year of my life arduously training for it. All indications from the preceding dives showed that I should have completed that final dive with ease, so it would be logical to assume that I should feel disappointed. But I’m not. Far from it. After 10 years of spending the majority of my sponsorship money and endless time and effort on designing and implementing reliable safety systems, for what is undoubtedly the world’s most dangerous sport, I ended up needing that system just one time, on that final dive. And thanks to that unwavering commitment to safety, I survived a situation that has claimed the lives of several other divers, and I can now go on with my life’s other pursuits. So, although I am not walking away from the sport I love with the deepest record, I hope I am leaving behind an example of how to do things right, and that I have inspired others to never forget that the most important accomplishment of all extreme endeavors is not how far we can push the limits of human capacity, but to preserve that most precious gift of all: life itself.

Thank you all for your support and may you live strong, healthy and with purpose,

Yasemin Dalkilic

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  1. Dear Yasemin.

    First of all, congratulations. You’re a beautiful woman, you are a wonderful athlete, an incredible adventure, but mostly, you’re a human being who loves life, says it all. Your strength and power are inexhaustible and resides in the masters qu synths do so. Your desire to be a pioneer in the development of activities co incredible meet safety standards but foolproof, we prove you’re a champion, the best and most icreible diver in the world. From Colombia we send you a big hug and remind you that deep down we are good.

    Currently we are working on a project which we call PCES (Protection and conservation of underwater ecosystems)

    There are three purposes that we move:

    Tayrona’s First Underwater Expedition seeking to locate, document and remove rubbish from the seabed, these events which will be shown later. Operation Lion Fish. Development of activities to control the spread of invasive species like the lionfish, as its excessive population growth is a latent threat to these ecosystems. Underwater Park Tayrona. With which we seek to strengthen the most affected areas seeking the restoration of coastal marine habitats using artificial reefs and / or by dipping items such as boats, airplanes, works of art and artifact replicas, in order to diminish pressure on natural reefs repopulate the reef in the bay of Taganga, creating favorable scenarios for the promotion of eco-dive.

    We will conduct the 1st issue 13 to August 15, 2010. If you or your organization are interested in learning more about this topic or in supporting this initiative, please contact us at the PBX (5) 3568493 in Barranquilla, cell phones or 3175009741 or 3175009742 0 3003669544, I could also write emails to the or

  2. Ivo Truxa says:

    Very nice words, Yasemin. Once more my congratulations to both the FREE record, as well as for the “successful failure”. And you have our endless admiration for the courage to do the comeback at all!

    Wishing you the best in your future endeavours, and hoping we’ll still hear from you often even if it is not for new records,

  3. Maxim says:

    Yasemin, its very good to see that you are really strong woman and nothing will stop you. I really wish to attend your’s and Rudi courses in Turkey. Keep on living, be cool !
    Love and water to you ,
    Russian freediver ,
    Maxim Guryanov

  4. rey says:

    That’s inspiring! Yes, we only live once and this life is a gift from God. Therefore, we must be a good steward.


  5. Syak says:

    I support you yasemin . :)