About Freediving

What is Freediving?

Freediving is quite probably the world’s most spectacular sport. This amazing activity where human beings descend to incredible depths while holding their breaths dates back to ancient times. That’s why Freediving is also called the Original Extreme Sport, because as a manifestation of the human spirit, it was born way before there were bicycles, skates, surf boards, parachutes, or skis. As such, Freediving enjoys the prestige and awe inspiring mystique that amazes thrill seekers and scientists alike. Indeed, those divers who can descend to such depths rely on unique adaptations of their bodies which enable them to survive the crushing pressures found at depth, in exactly the same way that dolphins and whales do it. It could be said that top class Freedivers are not only extremely gifted athletes, but also some sort of evolutionary mutants, a different specie on their own. The race for the World Records started officially in 1949 and, since then, only a handful of men and women have been able to put their names in the select book of records. That first record saw a man reach depth of 30 meters/100 feet then, and fifty-two years later the current records stand at 150 meters/492 feet!