Pick a 10 hour portion of the day and on every hour mark you do one short exercise. Climb the stairs up and down once, or a set of pushups or squads, jumping jacks whatever you like. This will pick up your metabolism by A LOT! more

Tips for a healthier lifestyle


We are living at an age where we spend so much time sitting down behind our computers, and from there, we do our shopping, talk to friends through Facebook or Skype, and even see the world, through youtube videos and powerpoint slideshows. We live our lives through our computer monitors. This makes us so unhealthy. And at the same time life is faster, competition in any career is more fierce and making a living is tough. So everybody is busy, and last thing anybody got time for is exercise or making the effort for a healthier life style. I’ll admit I suffer from this from time to time. And even at the times when I workout everyday, it’s just not enough, because the remaining 23 hours of day are spent sitting on the computer, sleeping, eating, watching TV. In short, doing nothing good for my health. So I’ve been trying to find ways in which we can incorporate a bit of health in our busy lifestyle, because just to even say “life”style we need to first have a life. We have to have health to have anything else. So, from now on, I’m gonna share these little ideas that have helped me and my loved ones, hoping they can help you as well. more

The 4 Main Rules of Cardio Training


Novices often wonder what’s the best way to approach cardio training, to obtain the maximum results from it in terms of fitness improvement, weight loss and total health gains. And the preconceived notions they adhere to usually deprive them of true gains, making their efforts nothing more than a waste of time, a source of disappointments and the reason why they quit working out after not seeing results. Well, fear not, if you understand and FOLLOW these 4 rules, you will see the gains you seek. more



Sweating is a very important, and often misunderstood, process of the body. It is basically a cooling mechanism used to dissipate heat to keep core temperature stable. We have come to associate sweating with hard work, since the harder we work or exercise, the more heat we produce and the more we sweat to cool off. That’s why so many people new to exercise think that the more they sweat the better they’re working out, and especially, the more weight they’ll loose. They wrap themselves in nylon jackets like mummies and run in the hottest time of the day. This is VERY dangerous, don’t do it!!! more

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