Like any other organization involved in organizing large charity events, the Yasemin Dalkilic Project needs partners to tackle the many requirements that come with such events, be it financial, organizational, technical or legal. We dream up events to help make our troubled world a little better every time, but it is only through the support of our partners that these dreams become reality. The commitment and contributions of these companies and individuals are the driving force behind our work, and it is of the utmost importance that we give them the recognition and exposure they deserve. Please support our partners so that they in turn can support us!

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…or, if you or your company want to become a partner of our project, please know that regardless of how big our projects can be, there are many levels of contribution which can be of valuable assistance to meet our goals.

Coming soon! click here to find out how to become a partner of the Yasemin Dalkilic Project. While this link becomes active, please contact us here.