Yasemin was born on May 2nd 1979, in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, 800 km away from the closest coastline. Which makes her passion for the ocean depths all the more remarkable! By age 4, she had discovered the sea and received her first dive mask and fins from her parents, and by 5, she had joined the local swim team, which came as an attempt to improve her health, as she was very frequently sick. Sports not only strengthened her, but also gave her the focus, commitment and dedication that would prove crucial to reach the amazing goals she was headed for.[more]


Rudi Castineyra was born in Cienfuegos, Cuba, on June 26th, 1969. He started swimming and diving by age 4, scuba diving by 7 and by the time he was a teenager, he was a very experienced diver with thousands of dives logged. Enamored with the underwater world, he started taking underwater photos at age 14, a perfect marriage of his two passions, diving and creating images. During his teen years, he became heavily involved in competitive freediving, designing a proprietary system specifically tailored for that sport. In general, he became an avid sportsman, practicing many different sports, and excelling at judo and kayaking.[more]

Beyond Freediving

By age 7, Yasemin was fully immersed in swimming training, and her parents, seeking a way to balance her development, introduced her to piano lessons. She dutifully fell in love with music, made all the easier by the fact that her sister, Hande Dalkilic, was training to be a concert pianist. After 6 years of piano, Yasemin learned guitar, keyboards, studied jazz history and theory and started creating her own music.[more]