Beyond Freediving


Yasemin credits an active lifestyle with surviving cancer, and her love for sports from an early age, with acquiring the discipline and focus needed to achieve the remarkable goals she has gone after. As such, she enjoys sports on a regular basis like rock and mountain climbing, cycling, skiing, paragliding and motor racing, at which she particularly excels. She is not, however, an adrenaline addict, and whatever sport she practices, she insists on taking all safety precautions necessary and on obtaining proper training before hand. She religiously follows the Ski World Cup, the Tour de France and all Track and Field events on TV, and while all of her records have been set on Sundays, none has coincided with a Formula 1 Grand Prix :)


By age 7, Yasemin was fully immersed in swimming training, and her parents, seeking a way to balance her development, introduced her to piano lessons. She dutifully fell in love with music, made all the easier by the fact that her sister, Hande Dalkilic, was training to be a concert pianist. After 6 years of piano, Yasemin learned guitar, keyboards, studied jazz history and theory and started creating her own music. In 2000, she was offered a position as Soundtrack Creator and Composer at Ideas in Blue, the production company owned by her husband and trainer, Rudi Castineyra. There, Yasemin had a chance to hone her skills and has gone on to score TV commercials, ads, documentaries and is currently working on scoring her first feature film. On her spare time, Yasemin prefers to listen to classical music and jazz, the more jazz the better!

Multimedia Programmer

After graduating from the Mathematics Department of METU (Middle East Technical University) in 2001, Yasemin started working full time as a Composer and Soundtrack Creator at Ideas in Blue, which also has a Multimedia Design department. There, she noticed how adept at understanding and writing computing code and language she was, thanks to her Math background, and slowly but surely, began to train herself as a Multimedia Programmer. She has become an expert in Actionscript, Flash, Flex and her skills are in such demand in fact that, nowadays, whenever she’s not busy training, creating music or fighting for social causes, she undertakes consultant and special projects roles for clients like The Washington Post.